Information published on 26 May 2015 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 450.

All actors of high speed rail development across the world to meet in July 2015 in Tokyo at “UIC HIGHSPEED 2015” World Congress

“Celebrate the past, Design the future” 7 – 10 July 2015, Tokyo

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The 9th World Congress on High Speed Rail “UIC HIGHSPEED 2015” is being organised by the International Union of Railways (UIC) and East Japan Railway Company. The largest international congress and exhibition devoted to High Speed Rail in the world, which was initiated by UIC and which has brought together 1,000 professionals every few years since 1992, will finally come back to the birth place of High Speed Rail, Japan. This edition of UIC HIGHSPEED Congress in Tokyo will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to review the past half century and to envision the next half century of high speed train operations worldwide.

The official opening ceremony will take place in the presence of high-level representatives of the Government of Japan and foreign Governments and Presidents and CEOs of railways operating High Speed Rail around the world. The closing ceremony will bring together high representatives of 10 countries about to or wishing to operate high speed system in the coming years.

Congress overview:

The “UIC HIGHSPEED 2015” Congress in Tokyo will coincide with the 50th anniversary of high speed train operations worldwide.
Since 1964, many different countries and regions worldwide have opened and developed their own high speed system. 15 billion passengers have travelled at global level – twice the world’s population – for the past half century.
Nowadays there are nearly 23,000 km of dedicated high speed lines operating in the world. In 20 years, this figure will double.
Unlike past congresses, the 9th UIC HIGHSPEED Congress will embrace the “50-50 concept” which will create a temporal dynamism throughout the congress.
That is, the first half of the congress will focus on challenges already raised and the lessons drawn from experience over the past 50 years, and the last half will focus on the new challenges to face and the opportunities to take over the next 50 years.

In addition to the above-mentioned temporal “50-50 concept”, the congress will embrace the concept of the topics to be presented and discussed. That is, half of the topics will focus on political, managerial and administrative issues, and the other half will focus on technological issues, because both are essential to review and envision High Speed Rail.

Therefore the congress will have and revolve around a series of 5 parallel sessions with the 5 streams:

  • Technology: engineering structures, performance, track, technical specifications, systems, safety and security, maintenance, energy and environment, system improvement, new technical developments, advanced structures and, finally new technologies.
  • Management: risk, capacity, real time operation, operations and stations, project, new trends.
  • Customers: mobility, services, marketing and distribution, competition, revenues accessibility and intermodality.
  • Culture and Society: sustainability, network planning, benefits, rail policy, territory management, system choice.
  • Academic: worldwide universities professors will share their vision about the future of high speed system.

During the congress, two round tables will be held, on the 50-50 concept:

  • Round table 1: Theme on past innovations
  • Round table 2: Theme on future innovations

A trade exhibition will illustrate the latest development of products and services in the field of High Speed. The exhibition will be held in the same resort as the congress sessions.

Technical visits with 8 courses including rides on Shinkansen trains running at a maximum speed of 320km/h and varieties of Shinkansen-related facilities.
The participants will benefit from the latest technological installation of Japanese Railways, with the visit to the Shinkansen, an experience of travelling at a maximum speed of 320Km/h.

Location: This “UIC HIGHSPEED 2015” Congress will be held at Tokyo International Forum, in the middle of the Marunouchi business district, between Tokyo Station and Yùrakuchò Station.

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