Information published on 29 November 2016 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 526.

12th UIC World Security Congress 2016 on the general theme “Security of Stations” held from 23 – 25 November in Helsinki

“Above and beyond moral and political considerations, security needs to be understood from a business perspective, as a valuable asset”

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View of the meeting room and participants

The 12th edition of the UIC Global Rail Security Congress was jointly organised by the Security Directorate of the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) together with the International Union of Railways (UIC), the Worldwide Railway Association.

The conference took place at the Hilton Strand, Helsinki, on 23 – 25 November 2016 and was attended by around 100 participants from 25 countries. Among the participants, police, security agencies of Finland and railway representatives of the UIC Security Platform (Chaired by Prof. Gerd Neubeck, DB AG, Germany).

Every year, UIC organises a World Security Congress; this year, the congress was organised for the first time in Finland and focused on “Security of Stations”, with various presentations on the topics below:

  • Security by design
  • Social, legal and ethical aspects
  • Human factors / intermodality / stations in the city
  • UIC Station Managers Global Group

Mr. Antti Vehvilaïnen, CEO of the Finnish Transport Agency, President of the association of European Rail Infrastructure Managers (EIM), and Mr. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of UIC, welcomed the participants of this 12th UIC World Security Congress.

Mr. Antti Vehvilaïnen underlined the aspect of security for the FTA which is in charge of the construction and maintenance of the various Finnish infrastructures – road, rail, and maritime.

Mr. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux recalled the importance of the main stations:

As we all know, stations are not only transit hubs – they are centres of urban life, with the biggest stations often having significant numbers of people passing through. They are the public faces of cities, and the first and last thing travellers see on arriving or departing. They are the beginning and the end of a journey, and the impression they give forms a large part of what travellers remember of their trip - it may even influence their choice of transport mode next time. That means that we need not only to ensure security in objective terms, in collaboration with our institutional partners, but also to convey a feeling of security vis-à-vis our customers and staff. A welcoming, secure atmosphere, coupled with technical performance, makes rail travel an attractive option.

He concluded with the need for heads of security to work very closely in partnership with for the heads of the business areas (Freight, Passengers, Rail System).
Security is a UIC fundamental value, transversal, supporting the various technical and commercial activities.

Then, Mr. Gerd Neubeck, German Railways DB AG, Germany, Chairman of the UIC Security platform, drew attention to the various security events since the last UIC Global Rail Security Congress held in New Delhi, India, in December 2015.

The security policy has to combine the prevention of the acts and appropriate reaction during and after an attack.

At European level, he highlighted the role of European Commission and the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG Move).

To conclude this opening session, the UIC Security Division presented the main results of the 2016 global security additional programme decided by the UIC General Assembly in December 2015 and which will be submitted at the next General Assembly in St Petersburg, to be held on 1 December 2016.

During the closing session – led by Mr. Jerzy Wisniewski, Director of the UIC Fundamental Values Department, and Mr. Iñaki Barrón de Angoiti, Director of the UIC Passenger Department – the final declaration of the congress, proposed by Mr. Jacques Colliard, Manager of the UIC Security Division was delivered:

Final Declaration

“The participants (about 100 participants from 25 countries) wish to express their gratitude to the organisers – the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) and the International Union of Railways (UIC) – for successfully organising the 12th edition of the World Security Congress held in Helsinki from 23 – 25 November 2016 on the broad theme of “Security of Stations”.

They appreciate the results of the 2016 Global Additional Security Programme which was presented during the congress. The programme was commissioned by the UIC General Assembly in December 2015 – being a point of next General Assembly agenda for the endorsement.

The programme contains:

  • Training and communication
    • Creation of a toolbox, at the disposal of UIC members, based on the main existing training content, in order to help them organise their own training policy in the most efficient way
    • Organisation of new training programmes, bringing together external experts when needed on new or emerging security topics
    • Organisation of an annual Security Awareness Day to develop awareness and a culture of security
  • Crisis management
    • Publication of a reference guide to help develop adapted contingency plans
  • Interoperability and exchange of information
    • Creation of a UIC International Railway Solution (IRS) to exchange the required information in a common format with all relevant structures.

In addition to this general programme, they consider that “security of stations”, the broad theme of the congress, remains a crucial topic and needs to be addressed by UIC in a joint work programme between the Security Platform and the Station Managers Global Group in order to define a win-win model with the main guidelines for a station security policy which could be presented during the UIC conference “Next-Station” planned in Madrid in October 2017:

A common project group has to be set up soon for that reason, the first deliverables to be included in a Station Security Handbook.

Various aspects such as:

  • integration of security issues in designing the stations
  • social, legal and ethical framework
  • human factors aspects
  • intermodality risks and opportunities
  • specificities of airport rail stations
  • management of crowded places

should be part of this handbook

The participants of the congress warmly thanked all the speakers for the quality of their presentations which will be a useful and interesting basis for the future common work to follow from the congress.

They take note of the next meeting: the 13th UIC Global Security Congress, to be held in Germany at the end of 2017.

Mr. Raimo Tapio, Deputy General Director of FTA, closed the congress by thanking the participants.

The technical visit was held on the afternoon of the 25th to the FTA Security control and traffic management centres and guided by our co-organising team with Mr. Arto Muukkonen, FTA Head of Railway Security.

All presentations given during the congress are available on the UIC Extranet in the Security workspace for people already registered.

For those who are not yet registered in the Security workspace you can register online at

Once again the UIC Security team would like to thank the co-organiser FTA, all participants of the 12th UIC World Security Congress, and the speakers for the quality of the presentations proposed.

For further information please contact Jacques Colliard, Head of the UIC Security Division: