Friday 17 September 2021

Austria/Germany: Sustainability rating: “very good” for the RCG

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77 out of 100 points and rated “very good”: that’s the assessment of the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) for sustainability from the German agency imug . A positive prerequisite for future financing.

A good sustainability rating is an important indicator for companies. Why? The market for sustainable financial investments plays a key role in the fight against global warming and is one of the fastest growing segments in global finance. Therefore, the more sustainable a company’s actions, the greater the propensity for investment.

The assessment indicators: ESG performance

In addition to the Rail Cargo Group, the ÖBB companies Personenverkehr, Produktion, Technische Services (ÖBB TRAIN TECH) and Postbus were assessed in the current sustainability rating.

Here, everything comes down to what is known as ESG performance. This means that the rating covers the areas of environment, social matters and governance. In the comprehensive evaluation stages, matters such as measures within the company to reduce CO2 or recycling activities, for example, are explored. Products and services, as well as working conditions, equal opportunities and sustainable sourcing, are also screened.

RCG: the sustainable logistical backbone of the economy

The report reaches the following conclusion for the RCG: the company’s sustainability performance is assessed as “very good” overall. On the topic of ESG management, particular emphasis is given to the areas of compliance, operational safety and stakeholder engagement. Social topics such as opportunities for further training, health management and the promotion of equal opportunities are also awarded a “very good”.

In the environmental category, among others, the RCG-wide environmental management system certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and the sourcing of power in Austria from 100% green traction power is seen as very positive. The RCG’s business model – specifically the transport of goods by rail with the widest variety of associated services – is assessed as a positive contribution to sustainability.

As a leading rail logistics specialist, RCG is focused not just on distinguishing itself from the competition, but also on value orientation. Responsible action in harmony with the environment and society is an important principle for long-term economic success.

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