Tuesday 5 April 2022

Driverless trains: towards a railway revolution

SNCF and its partners announce the arrival of driverless trains by 2023

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More trains, improved punctuality and energy savings

Prototypes of autonomous trains on the tracks by 2023: that is the goal of the SNCF Group and its industrial partners. Discover the “Autonomous Train” programme.

Improved punctuality, more fluid traffic, reduced energy consumption and greater transport capacity...driverless trains promise many benefits. Since 2018, SNCF has been working to develop two driverless train models through two consortia created with the Railenium Technological Research Institute and its industrial partners1:

  • One for Fret SNCF, developed by Alstom, Altran, Hitachi and Apsys
  • The other for TER and passenger transport, developed by Bombardier, Bosch, Spirops and Thales

The goal is to run prototypes of entirely automated trains by 2023 and begin the industrialisation process in 2025.

(Source: SNCF)

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