Friday 2 September 2022

Hasan Pezük: the new UIC RAME Chairperson

The new Director General and Chairman of the Board Hasan Pezük, took office on 8 August 2022, taking over his predecessor Metin Akbaş’ roles and responsibilities within UIC, as Chairman of RAME.

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Pezük was born in Gümüşhane, in 1970. He graduated from the Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1995 as an electrical engineer.

He started his professional life in 1996 at the General Directorate of IETT in Istanbul’s Metropolitan Municipal (IBB) and worked in the Departments of Construction-Maintenance-Repair, Rail Systems and Machinery Supply as an engineer, chief controller, and finally as a rail system project manager in the Directorate of Special Projects.

He also worked as middle level manager in the Technical Services Department at the Directorate of City Lighting and Energy, in the Rail Systems Directorate of the Transport Department and in the European Side Rail System Directorate of the Rail Systems Department of IBB. In 2019, he voluntarily resigned from IBB.

Pezük, having worked successfully in the feasibility, survey, design and construction phases of rail systems throughout his professional life, has made great contributions to the development of the metro and tram systems in Istanbul.

He also played a vital role in managing different types of construction work and in the testing, commissioning and acceptance processes of IBB railways line systems (Metro, Light Metro, Tram, Aerial Cableway, Monorail) while also contributing to Turkey’s domestic railway sector through his successful work to increase domestic participation in preparing technical specifications, tendering, procurement and testing the commissioning processes of metro, light metro and tram vehicles purchased by IBB.

Pezük has also studied varying applications for remote-control automation for lighting main arterial routes and streets throughout Istanbul and increasing energy efficiency of buildings and facilities of IBB.

He was a member of the Boards of Kültür AŞ, İGDAŞ, KİPTAŞ of İBB and İZBAN and began work as a consultant to the Directorate General of TCDD in November 2019, being appointed to Head of the Railway Modernisation Department of the Directorate General of TCDD in February 2020.

Following his appointment as Chairman of the Board and Director General of TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ in 2021, he became Chairman of the Board and Director General of the whole of TCDD in 2022.

Award-winning Studies

The Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Line was in the top 8 of 145 projects from 32 countries in the “2017 AEC Excellence Awards” which is one of the most important awards globally in its field. The Ataköy-İkitelli Metro Line was then ranked among the top 3 of 196 projects from 32 countries in the “2018 AEC Excellence Awards”.

UIC expresses its warmest congratulations to Mr Pezük on his appointment and conveys its very best wishes.

(Source: TCDD)

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