Tuesday 1 December 2020

Italy: Gianfranco Battisti: “Proud to export Italian excellence abroad”

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From Great Britain to Spain via Peru and India: the expansion of the FS Group beyond national borders

Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane’s journey beyond Italian borders began in 2011 when the FS Group entered the German passenger market with Netinera, the second largest regional transport operator in Germany.

In an article published in Panorama magazine, Gianfranco Battisti, CEO and GM of the FS Group, explains how the company has acquired many engineering contracts worldwide over time. “In FS Italiane, with 350 million passengers transported in Italy in ten years on the high-speed network, we have developed unique skills in Europe, appreciated in the markets of the Old Continent and beyond. We are proud to make our know-how available outside national borders and to export Italian excellence not only for the railway sector but also for the innovative technologies we use”.

In addition to high speed, FS Italiane has also become an international reference point in the business of infrastructure and engineering services through its subsidiaries.

Read the Panorama article here.

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