Wednesday 13 January 2021

Latvia: Seven bids received in the procurement of SJSC Latvijas dzelzceļš (Latvian Railways) station and stop modernisation project

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Seven bids have been received in response to the procurement announced by SJSC Latvijas dzelzceļš (Latvian Railways (LDz)) for the design and construction of 48 passenger stations and stopping points. Compliance assessment of the documents received will now begin so that work on implementation of the large-scale project can start this year.

Maris Kleinbergs, Chairman of the Board of SJSC Latvijas dzelzceļš, said: “One of the priorities of SJSC Latvijas dzelzceļš is the gradual arrangement of railway passenger infrastructure, providing all Latvian residents and, in the future, guests with a convenient, accessible and modern railway infrastructure. I am convinced that this project, the modernisation and construction of 48 stations and stops, as well as the possibility to travel on our existing infrastructure on newly acquired passenger trains, will be an important step towards the ever-increasing growth of rail transport popularity”.

On Tuesday 5 January, the applications received were opened for five parts of the procurement related to the modernisation of passenger platforms and the construction of new stops. Several tenderers have submitted bids for several procurement lots. Thus, six tenders were received for the modernisation of passenger infrastructure on the Riga-Jelgava and Zemitāni-Skulte (Kalngale-Skulte) lines, respectively, five tenders were received for the modernisation of platforms on the Riga-Krustpils and Zemitāni-Skulte lines, and seven tenders were received for the modernisation of platforms on the Riga-Tukums II line. The LDz Procurement Commission will now begin work to evaluate the tenders.

The purpose of the project is to fully modernise passenger infrastructure on the electrified Riga-Tukums II, Riga-Skulte, Riga-Krustpils and Riga-Jelgava railway lines by the end of 2023. New stops will be built at Silikātu Street and Slokas Street (on the Torņakalns-Bolderāja line), Dauderi (on the Zemitāni-Skulte line) and near the Alfa shopping center on the Riga-Cēsis line.

Elevated platforms, modern and functional canopies, benches and bicycle parking lots, tactile lanes and tactile guides, notification and video surveillance systems, standardised information signs, and access to platforms for people with reduced mobility will be built at each station and stopping point. In order to provide citizens with more convenient access to the railway infrastructure, the location of certain stopping points will change.

(Source: LDz)

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