Information published on 14 October 2020 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr eNews.

New book release at PMC Media House

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Rolling stock in the railway system

“Rolling stock in the railway system” is a technical reference book in three volumes. It currently provides the most comprehensive description of the entire rail vehicle technology.

The unique work covers all aspects of rolling stock in its interactions with the railway system: design, manufacturing, commissioning, operations, comfort, maintenance, etc., on the basis of the historical development of technologies.

The contents of each volume are:
Vol. 1: History and Industry, Railway Systems, Interoperability and Safety, System Interfaces, Life Cycle;
Vol 2: Train Architecture, Comfort, Mechanical Structures, Guiding Elements;
Vol 3: Traction and TCMS (Train Controlling and Monitoring System), Braking, Locomotives, Outlook

The work was written by engineers from several major European companies and of seven different nationalities. It takes stock of the modern techniques applied to rolling stock, while placing it within a rapidly evolving railway system, following the opening of the European borders.

“Rolling stock in the railway system” is intended for industry professionals as well as railway enthusiasts.

The work is available as a limited printed edition in three volumes or as individual volumes as e-books.

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