Monday 10 January 2022

ONCF: Al Boraq goes green for eco-friendly mobility

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ONCF (Morocco) is going green for the beginning of the new year, taking a further step in its energy transition by running all of its Al Boraq trains on clean energy from 1 January. The company is implementing its green transformation progressively, shifting 25% of its overall energy consumption to green energy. This figure will increase to 50% in 2023 and to 100% in the medium term.

With this ecological transformation, ONCF is in line with Morroco’s national energy strategy being implemented under the impetus and leadership of King Mohammed VI, which places renewable energies at the centre of the country’s energy mix. This strategy provides for an increase in the share of renewable resources to over 52% of installed capacity by 2030. This makes Morocco one of the most committed emerging countries in the development of wind and solar energy.

As part of its energy policy and CSR strategy, ONCF is working towards gradual greening and decarbonisation, with voluntary initiatives to support the company in its eco-friendly vision. These include the gradual certification of railway sites in accordance with ISO 14001 and 50001 standards, systematic impact studies for major projects, annual assessment of carbon footprint, the adoption of an eco-driving system, the use of alternative photovoltaic energy in stations and buildings, etc.

Thus, thanks to the clean energy supplied by a national operator, ONCF is greening the Moroccan rail network’s power supply cycle, substituting electricity with clean energy. This will enable it to improve its overall carbon footprint in the short term, with the equivalent of 120,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided each year, or four million trees planted.

Travelling by train is one of the best ways to limit carbon footprint. Trains emit 25 to 30 times less greenhouse gases on average than other modes of transport. ONCF’s goal is to eventually power all of its trains entirely with clean energy, and the Al Boraq trains will be the first to offer eco-friendly travel using 100% wind power.

They will invite passengers to travel well, to travel better and in a responsible manner, with comfortable, safe, very fast journeys emitting low levels of carbon. And to encourage its customers to adopt a more respectful attitude towards nature by reducing their carbon footprint, ONCF will soon launch marketing activities aimed at ensuring that Al Boraq is the greatest ally for environmentally responsible travel. All in all, the best choice for sustainable mobility that better protects our planet!

(Source: ONCF)

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