Wednesday 23 June 2021

Post Master’s Degree in Smart Mobility: Digital Transformation of Mobility Systems

Drive tomorrow’s mobility

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Digital technologies are ubiquitous in all forms of mobility. Travellers enjoy a wide range of simple yet powerful solutions and an ever-growing number of innovative services to plan their trips. On the supply side, customer relations, operations, maintenance and investment planning are changing dramatically.

New uses made possible by autonomous vehicles, car sharing and carpooling have challenged mobility practices in profound ways, transforming value chains and business models.

The Post-Master’s Degree in Smart Mobility offers high-level technical and managerial training with a focus on:

  • existing technologies for the various stages of the information processing supply chain,
  • application of technology to ensure and update functions through increased use of more detailed data,
  • the interplay between the various components, whether related to manufacturing or sales, hardware or software, in order to improve systems,
  • relationships between the various parties involved in mobility: cooperation, synergy, competition, regulation, system effects, etc.

The programme features extensive interaction with companies through projects based on real data and industry events, and focuses on group debate and analysis.

The Post-Master’s Degree in Smart Mobility prepares students for a wide range of careers:

  • Digital transition project manager in the transportation industry,
  • Digital officer in companies providing transport services, manufacturing items for transportation or specialising in designing and building systems and processes,
  • Designer and developer of transportation services (solutions architect),
  • Transportation system design and planning.

The programme is delivered over a period of 11 months in a work-study format (six days of courses per month) followed by a four- to six-month internship with professional thesis.

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For further information, please contact Sabine Seynou (Télécom Paris) or Véronique Haché (École des Ponts ParisTech):

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