Monday 31 January 2022

SNCF Connect: the new all-in-one digital service to simplify all journeys in France

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SNCF Connect & Tech, a subsidiary of SNCF Voyageurs, has launched SNCF Connect, an all-in-one travel service consisting of an app and a website - - to simplify all passenger journeys. SNCF Connect allows users to find, book and manage both short and long journeys by integrating all passenger information. SNCF Connect is part of the SNCF Voyageurs strategy of making life simpler for passengers and thus contributing to increasing rail modal share in France. With a range of technologies, this new service was designed and developed by SNCF Connect & Tech, the digital subsidiary of SNCF Voyageurs, a leader in digital technologies and e-commerce in the transport sector in France.

An innovative service for all travel and for all of France

Starting today, SNCF Connect allows all travellers to rediscover the best of as well as new features for planning all of their short- and long-distance journeys, such as:

  • planning, buying and exchanging train tickets;
  • a choice of the best urban routes throughout France, from the first to the last mile;
  • traffic info and real-time alerts;
  • buying and renewing cards and regional subscriptions.

SNCF Connect has been designed specifically to simplify train travel each step of the way and to facilitate access to alternatives to private cars. At launch, the service encompasses all SNCF Voyageurs services: TGV INOUI, OUIGO, Intercités, TER, public transport in the Greater Paris region, including Transilien, Thalys, Eurostar, TGV Lyria, as well as all bus, car-sharing and passenger information services. It will soon include soft and shared mobility services in all of the regions.

Remaining as close as possible to the people of France, SNCF Connect covers the entire country and aims to become a digital reflex for sustainable and shared mobility in all of the territories. The launch of SNCF Connect facilitates access to trains and to sustainable mobility and is a tangible contribution to the SNCF Voyageurs objective of winning over new passengers to increase rail modal share.

CEO of SNCF Voyageurs Christophe Fanichet said: “SNCF Connect is the realisation of our desire to make the lives of our customers easier, facilitating access to all trains and to sustainable mobility. Taking passengers’ expectations as a starting point, we are proud to offer this innovative all-in-one service, which brings purchases, timetable consultations, after-sales and subscriptions together in a single place using the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence. It also demonstrates our company’s excellence in terms of its ability to innovate thanks to the skills of our team, and I congratulate them on this fantastic achievement. Finally, SNCF Connect reflects our choice of a name that combines our pride in the SNCF brand with this wonderful idea of connecting with each other through digital technologies and mobility ”.

Anne Pruvot, Managing Director of SNCF Connect & Tech, said: “After just a year at SNCF Connect & Tech, I am proud to deliver SNCF Connect to the people of France to simplify all of their journeys. This is a unique service for its scale, developed thanks to our team’s expertise. Thanks to their unreserved commitment and courage, we have been able to deliver an all-in-one application and website with a strong technological and innovative bias, developed with and for our customers to support them with both short and long journeys. It is also a means of bolstering the French tourism and digital ecosystems and will take its rightful place as an e-commerce leader”.

A fluid and straightforward transition for all users

From today, French users are automatically redirected from the website to the new SNCF Connect site, If the user has already installed the application, it will be updated so that it becomes SNCF Connect on iOS and Android. Otherwise, passengers can find it in the app stores.

For customers who have purchased tickets on for an upcoming journey:

  • If the customer has already activated their customer account, “Mon Identificant SNCF”, they will automatically see all of their current bookings on the application and on the SNCF Connect site.
  • If the customer does not have an active account, they will find their current bookings on SNCF Connect via the booking reference in the order confirmation sent by email.

For more information, please visit (press release in French)

(Source: SNCF)

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