Thursday 3 December 2020

Spain: Renfe to launch tender before the end of the year

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Renfe plans to develop a new door-to-door mobility platform integrating all transport modes in order to improve daily life in Spain.
With its new RaaS platform, Renfe expects to obtain up to 156 million euro and to run more than 1,800,000 additional train journeys.

  • RaaS will be an end-to-end mobility platform, integrating all modes of transport with a single payment
  • The platform is expected to be ready by the end of 2021. Sales are expected to increase by around 3-4% on the main corridors
  • The maximum tender amount will be 39.4 million euro
  • Madrid, 30 November 2020 (Renfe). The Board of Directors of Renfe Operadora today approved a tender to begin development of an RaaS platform. Renfe expects to obtain 650,000 active customers in the platform for the fifth year of implementation and expects to increase sales by around 3-4% on the main corridors.

The maximum amount of the tender will be 39.4 million euro for the first five years, including investment in construction of the platform, expenses and incentives.

RaaS is a digital platform that will offer an end-to-end mobility solution to citizens, planning trips for customers from the moment they leave their homes to their final destinations and offering a wide range of complementary services right up to arrival at the final destination. The platform will be open and inclusive, and will include the various operators in the new mobility ecosystem.

The platform aligns with the objectives of Renfe’s strategic plan and with the mobility strategy approved by the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA).

Renfe’s ambition is not only to be the leading railway company, but also to establish itself as an end-to-end mobility operator, accompanying its customers throughout the entire trip.

With this new platform, customers will be able to plan trips from door to door, and will also have access to maps, guidance messages, route recommendations, etc.

Renfe will publish a tender in the coming days for a technology and commercial partner to develop RaaS, working with a model that includes a fixed cost and variable payment depending on the project’s success. This success model ensures the contractor’s commitment to the development of the project.

The objectives of the new platform are not limited to technological implementation. The aim is to design, build, commercialise and scale a new business model based on a digital platform that will provide a new experience in mobility services.

Renfe expects that this new platform will provide a unique and personalised user experience and may be launched to market at the end of 2021. Renfe will obtain additional income of up to 156 million euro in the next five years.

Renfe as a Service will also integrate other modes of transport (train, bike, metro, bus, car sharing, scooter, etc.), providing a first and last mile solution that will allow trips to be planned from beginning to end, with a single payment and through a single app.

The RaaS platform will offer the widest possible range of public and private transport services. To this end, RaaS will seek agreements not only with public transport and micromobility companies, but also with car sharing platforms, technology providers and payment systems.

(Source: Renfe)

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