Friday 24 May 2024

The NHM codes are changing in 2025!

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For the past few years, EU customs regulations have undergone significant revision, leading to the implementation of numerous new systems for meeting customs requirements. Therefore, a transition period has been established to gradually implement these systems over several years. Part of this transition involves the upcoming introduction of the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) Phase 5, which will particularly impact the railway sector.

Starting from 1 January 2025, both the railway industry and its stakeholders are mandated to adopt this new system. In parallel with the launch of NCTS phase 5, the Simplified Rail Transit Procedure, which has been in use since 1970, will officially be discontinued.

The rail commodity (NHM) codes, initially based on the Harmonised System and Combined Nomenclature with specific modifications for railway operations, are therefore undergoing a transition. Previously accepted NHM codes, which were used under the Simplified Rail Transit Procedure, will not be compatible with NCTS Phase 5, and consequently, there will be a shift to using HS codes.

In February 2024, the NHM Management Committee decided to align the NHM list with HS codes to adhere to changes in EU customs legislation and facilitate smoother multimodal transport. Therefore, Chapter 27 of NHM will fully transition to HS codes starting in 2025, with minor adjustments also initially being made to Chapter 99.

This transition will come into effect on 1 January 2025. Further updates will be communicated in August 2024, including a new list to be used from 1 January 2025.

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