Thursday 28 July 2022

UIC celebrates its 100th anniversary with a 100 railway milestones timeline – visit the centenary webpage!

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UIC centenary celebrations started at the end of the European Year of Rail with the UIC Symposium organised end of 2021. UIC wanted to start this centenary by giving its Members and partners the opportunity to discuss the crucial issue “The Future of the Railway: Making Modal Shift Desirable”.

On 5 May UIC officially launched the anniversary celebrations. The event was an opportunity to hear from the UIC Chairman and Director General, to listen to messages and wishes on behalf of UIC Members from right around the globe and to learn more about the UIC Manifesto, published in Summer 2022, containing the existing and future solutions that need to be implemented.

Visit the UIC Centenary webpage : you can follow information and events related to the celebration. June was the Innovation Month, UIC events focused on its expertise on techniques and research. Stay tuned for the last quarter of 2022 !

M. François Davenne, UIC Director-General stated : “over the years, UIC has historically succeeded in bringing together the world’s railways, developing specifications, operational solutions and promoting rail development worldwide. Its 100th anniversary marks the solid foundation on which it has to build its innovative future, being capable of responding to the technical and environmental challenges

Visit the UIC historical timeline : For the occasion UIC gathered 100 historical dates in a timeline providing a link between UIC’s historical vocation and the evolution of railways. It includes historical facts and milestones in the construction of the railway system, major railway achievements in the 20th century, products and entities created by UIC enabling technical harmonisation.

The UIC Chairmen gallery portraits :

Please visit the UIC Media Library to see the portraits of every chairman since the creation of UIC.

UIC looks forward to carry on celebrating with its Members!
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