Tuesday 24 March 2009
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Russia: Sapsan High Speed Train Completes First Trial Voyage from St.Petersburg to Moscow

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The President of Russian Railways, Mr Vladimir Yakunin, took part in the trials. The train has arrived in Moscow for testing on the Experimental Ring in Scherbinka. “On its first trail run from St.Petersburg to Moscow Sapsan reached a speed of 180 km/hour. It could have traveled faster, but this is not allowed by the technical regulations of the trials. The train is most impressive, with its new, comfortable carriages, new services and new menu”, said Vladimir Yakunin at a press conference held on Sunday to mark the train’s arrival at Leningradskiy Station.

Mr Vladimir Yakunin emphasized that investment in infrastructure, including high-speed infrastructure, is one way of tackling the crisis.

On 28 February 2009 the new High Speed electric Sapsan train made its track debut with a trip between Lyuban and Metallostroy stations (Oktyabrsk Railway - a branch of RZD) at a speed of 140 km/hour. This trial run was used to test the trains braking system, which couldn’t be tested in Germany because there is no 1520 mm-gauge railway line there.

The trials are scheduled to continue until December. At the end of 2009 the train will carry out its first scheduled service on the St.Petersburg – Moscow route - a distance that Sapsan should cover in 3 hours and 45 minutes.

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