Monday 27 April 2009
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Publication of the 2008 UIC Activities Report:

A complete overview of activities and projects undertaken by the worldwide organisation of cooperation for railway companies

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UIC has published a report of its activities for 2008. This comprehensive English language document provides a complete overview of progress on current work as well as results obtained during 2008, in all the main fields of railway cooperation

The report shows changes in the worldwide railway sector, in terms of passenger traffic, high speed and freight volumes. It then focuses on joint work carried out by members in 2008, aimed at redefining how UIC operates in order to make it a genuinely worldwide organisation of cooperation for railways serving its members’ interests. These efforts led to the unanimous approval of a new set of statutes at the 31 March General Assembly, as well as the appointment of new UIC directors tasked with implementing this new course of strategic action.

One of the underlying principles adopted by the management is to bolster the autonomy of UIC Regional Assemblies and establish “regional” plans of action for railway cooperation. To this end the UIC Regional Assemblies for “Europe”, “Asia”, “Africa” and “the Middle East” will commence work, whilst preparations continue for the launch of activities for “North America” and “South America”.

The report then gives an account of progress made in the railways’ main fields of activity: Infrastructure, ERTMS, Research and Technology, Passenger Transport, High Speed and Freight Safety and Security, the Environment and Sustainable Development. It also re-introduces members to UIC support services available to members such as: training, human factor, information systems, legal, communications and documentation expertise, railway terminology as well as other services provided by UIC’s subsidiaries, such as publications and leaflet editing (ETF), interpretation and translation services (L & T) and conference room rental (UICP).

As Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC’s new Director General, pointed out, “This Activities Report 2008, although not exhaustive, paints a fairly accurate picture of the breadth of projects launched, steered or coordinated by the UIC. All these projects have a goal that is shared by the UIC and its members, i.e. to build an effective railway transport system; in particular one which is international in nature, attractive to customers and meets society’s expectations in the best possible way in terms of sustainable development.

“By and large, UIC can be pleased about the vast majority of these projects which have led to successful cooperation actions with stakeholders – from institutions and railway industry”.

Copies of the Activities Report (« UIC Activities Report 2008 », 208 pages, in English), can be obtained on request from the Communications department:
Or can be viewed on line:

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