Tuesday 28 April 2009
UIC Freight Forum

UIC Excellence Board meeting

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In October 2008, in the face of ever-changing conditions in the deregulated railway world and as a potential instrument for combatting the economic crisis, the UIC Freight Forum mandated the UIC Quality Study Group, chaired by Mr. Helmut Pfeiffer (RCA AG), to set up a UIC Excellence Board.

Responsibility for leading the UIC Business Excellence Board has been entrusted to Mr. Michael Kadow (DB Mobility Logistics AG).

At its constitutive meeting on 19 March 2009 the Board discussed the importance of Business Excellence and the tools necessary to achieve it (Six Sigma, EFQM Excellence Model, Lean Management, etc.) with the participating railways (including representatives from the Korean railways).

The aim of the new Business Excellence Board is to utilise the internal know-how of the railways - often already highly developed in some cases - during the implementation of specific projects.

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