Tuesday 19 May 2009

Infrastructure Assets Management Seminar (Paris, 19 May 2009)

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The Infrastructure Assets Management Seminar held on 19 May 2009 welcomed 30 participants coming from 15 different railways. It was organised under the umbrella of Asset Management Group of Infrastructure Forum. The seminar from superior technical performance to professional asset management has aimed to disseminate the results of a year and half work of the group.

The Asset Management working group is active since February 2008.

Two main projects were developed by the members:
- Setting a framework for Asset Management in compliance with the standard PAS55
- Performance and Costs – Proposal for more adapted KPI’s infrastructure.

Andy Kirwan showed us a comprehensive presentation on PAS55 (Public Available Specifications) and on the Asset Management framework, document developed by the project members.
Ted Luiten shared the results of the performance and costs project on their search for Asset Management KPI’s (Key Performances Indicators), their vision on asset management development regarding performance and the relation between the framework and KPI’s. As an application on cost Teordor Gradinariu, UIC Technical Senior Advisor, shared his experience of 5 years of LICB (Lasting Infrastructure Cost Benchmarking) project which is an application who serves the asset management framework.
On the second part of the seminar, RFI and Network Rail presented their internal experience in using asset management methods to mastering the performance and costs on their networks.
On the final session, proposals were done to future development on LICB to have an overview wilder on infrastructure activities on the performance, quality and safety.
A proposal for extension of the dissemination and learning activities are planned for the next autumn.
As final conclusion, Anthonie Bauer, the Head of Asset Management Activities on UIC and Infrastructure Manager at ProRail declared as invitation to involve everybody in future asset management activities:“if you don’t apply Asset Management you will end up being considered either too expensive or not good enough”.

For further information please contact Teodor Gradinariu, Senior Technical Advisor Infrastructure: gradinariu@uic.org

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