Tuesday 19 May 2009
Regional Cooperation / Asia

New President of Korail Mr Huh Joon-young appointed new Chairman of UIC Asia

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Mr Huh Joon-young, new President of Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail), was appointed new Chairman of UIC Asia during the 7th UIC Regional Assembly for Asia (ARA), held in St Petersbourg, Russia, on 15th May. He will chair this Assembly until December 2010. He takes over Mr Kang, Kyoung Ho, the former President and CEO of Korail.

Mr Huh will convene and preside over general meetings as a representative of 19 Asian member countries and 30 railroad-related agencies. He will also have the authority to develop and set a budget for joint projects.

Mr Huh, 57, is a graduate from Graduate School of Myongji University (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering) and has previous diploma in Law. He has served as a diplomat in the U.K., in France (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade) as well as Consul at the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong. He has also led the Korea National Police Agency as the Commissioner General. He has a broad experience in diplomacy and strong leadership in the Korea National Police Agency.

A new Vice Chairman of the Regional Assembly for Asia was also elected: Mr Askar Maimin, President of Kazakhstan Railways (KTZ).

The four representatives for the UIC Executive Board will be appointed during the next UIC General Assembly on 16th June.

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Mr Huh Joon-young(Mr Huh Joon-young
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