Tuesday 9 June 2009

Two cluster meetings TAF TSI held on May 26th and 27th at UIC HQ

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The target of successful TAF implementation can only be achieved with a combination of measures from all the actors like the RUs, the EU and the TAF deployment organisation

The Cluster Railway Undertaking (RU) is a platform for coordination of TAF implementation in the companies and provides an opportunity to discuss TAF related issues and developments.

- The RUs are represented in 10 Working Groups (WGs) which analysed TAF in detail. They prepare recommendations.
- The recommendations from WGs are differentiated in 3 types:
a) TAF can be implemented as described
b) TAF can be implemented considering an Implementation Guideline
c) TAF cannot be implemented as it is – open points will be given to the Steering Board for clarification. Actually they will be handled through a change management process.

The work already done has been presented during these two days.
Specific topics like train monitoring or short term path requests have been discussed together with the Infrastructure Managers the second day, in presence among others of Jan Sundling, TAF TSI Implementation Chairman, and Oliver Sellnick, UIC Director RU department.

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