Tuesday 9 June 2009
High Speed Rail / USA

UIC Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux joins the Advisory Board of the US High Speed Rail Association

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UIC Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, accepted the invitation from the US High Speed Rail Association (US HSR) to joint the Advisory Board of this association. The aim of this board is to create a small body of the world’s leading high speed rail experts to guide the development of the new association. Actually the US HSR’s main purpose is to help the build-out of the US high speed rail network (recently confirmed by President Obama) as quickly as possible by setting out a vision for a national system, and organizing the new industry and political support needed to build it. The vision currently refers to a 17,000 mile national high speed rail network throughout America, built in successive phases for completion by 2030.

The US HSR made reference to Jean-Pierre Loubinoux’ personal experience in the promotion and development of high speed rail systems in France and across the world and to the UIC’s neutral position to deliver useful information and advise on the various issues connected to the development of high speed rail transportation systems.

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