Tuesday 30 June 2009
Sustainable Development

Be an eco passenger: take the Train to Copenhagen (COP 15 - 160 days !)

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The idea of running a special train between Brussels and Copenhagen was launched during the kick-off meeting in February (cf enews 131); now the project is becoming real.

- When?
The “Climate Express”, what the train is called, will depart on 5th December, 10.00, Brussels. The train will stop in Köln and Hamburg before arriving in Copenhagen, at 22.00, where an event will be held welcoming the passengers and will be complimented by a cultural event.

- Who will be onboard?
380 passengers are invited on the train, among them decision makers, NGO’s representatives, railway stakeholders and journalists.

- What’s up on the train?
The journey will give the participants the opportunity to contribute to on-board seminars, round table discussions, presentations etc. The rail industry, NGO’s and intergovernmental organisations will be able indeed to present topics related to the climate change agenda. Interviews and a press conference will also be possible.

The next meeting will take place on 17th July, at UIC HQ in Paris, with the aim of sharing the latest developments of the national campaigns of the members and from UNEP; as well as developing further the Climate Express project.

To know more about the TTC, please visit www.traintocopenhagen.org and don’t hesitate to contact the UIC project team for any question: traintocopenhagen@uic.org

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