Tuesday 30 June 2009

UIC wishes to pay tribute to Commissioner Karel van Miert

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It was with great sadness that UIC learnt of the death of Karel Van Miert, the former European Commission Vice-President and European Transport Commissioner, on 22 June.

UIC wishes to pay tribute to Commissioner van Miert’s work to develop a balanced transport market in Europe, in particular in strengthening the role of rail transport. Commissioner van Miert exerted particular efforts to revitalise rail transport during the 1990s, via Directive 91/440, and to develop a high-performance, interoperable European network. Without the personal vision and commitment of Commissioner van Miert, none of the projects run at that time in which UIC participated, or the later projects on European corridors, would enjoy their current prospects or progress.

UIC wishes to share its deep sympathy and most sincere condolences with both Mr van Miert’s family and the members of the European Commission.

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