Wednesday 12 August 2009
UIC Regional Assembly Asia / International Training

How to Activate the International Training Program in Asia. The 2nd ANTC Seminar will be held in November 11, 2009 in Hanoi, Vietnam

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This year, Vietnam Railways will be the host for the 2nd ANTC Seminar.

The 2nd ANTC (Asian Network of Rail Training Centers) Seminar will be held in Sheraton Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam from 9:00 to 17:00 on 11th November 2009 with the participation of delegations from UIC, Asian Railways and Vietnam Railways.

The topic of the 2nd ANTC Seminar is “How to Activate the International Training Program in Asia”. Further the success of the 1st ANTC Seminar which was held in Uiwang, Korea in 21 May 2008, this Seminar will be a platform for all delegates to discuss and exchange ideas of improving International Training Program among Asian countries and future plan of ANTC. Some training experts from UIC, IRaTCA (International Railway Training Center for UIC Asia), Asian Countries and Vietnam Railways will present about the current railway training status of their own organizations and share information and discussion.

Especially Vietnam Railways will provide an optional city tour for all participants to explore Vietnamese rich history and culture as well as the hidden charm of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

This special event is prepared as the part of events of UIC Executive Board and General Assembly.

For more information - attendance and registration can be downloaded on UIC Extranet ( and IRaTCA’s official website ( or please contact International Relations Department of Vietnam Railways:

It is really great opportunity to exchange and promote training cooperation among Asian railways. Vietnam Railways is looking forward to welcoming all Asian railways to participate at the 2nd ANTC Seminar.

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