Wednesday 7 October 2009
International Cooperation

SBB and Trenitalia (FS) take over ‘Cisalpino’ train operations. Night services cancelled

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The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and Italian Railways (Trenitalia, part of the FS Group) have decided to operate international passenger train services between the two countries directly with effect from the next timetable change on 13 December 2009. Both railway companies will thus return to the practice of joint route management for international lines, a concept that had been successfully implemented in the past. The Cisalpino SA structure (SBB and Trenitalia each have a 50 % stake) will disappear on 13 December.

Passenger services between Switzerland and Italy will consist of three international train pairs on the Lötschberg route, four on the Simplon route and seven on the Gothard route.

In addition, SBB and Trenitalia (FS) have decided to cancel night train services between Switzerland and Italy from 13 December. Reasons are an ongoing decrease in demand due to competition with faster day trains and unsatisfactory quality (source: SBB).

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