Tuesday 17 November 2009
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IM / RU Cluster TAF TSI (Paris, 5 November)

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Over 30 delegates from RUs and IMs involved in TAF TSI implementation met on 5 November at UIC HQ.
In fact, three meetings took place: the IM cluster meeting led by H Reisinger, the RU cluster meeting under the leadership of R Wilke, and the common meeting.

The stakeholders are working together in one of the 12 working groups (WGs, see attached chart).
During these meetings, unresolved issues, common understanding and definitions between the WGs were discussed and clarified. The topics addressed included wagon order definitions within the RU cluster and the requested timeframe relative to the scheduled or forecast time.

Some changes may be initiated during this implementation phase and the working groups will finalize and document them clearly.

The next meeting will be held on 17 March 2010.

For more information please contact Bernard Schmitt: b.schmitt@uic.org and Patrick Mantell: mantel@uic.org

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