Thursday 19 November 2009
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The 2nd ANTC Seminar took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 10-12 November 2009

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As part of a number of UIC- Asia project, the 2nd ANTC Seminar, titled “How to activate the international training program in Asia”, ended on 12th November 2009 in Hanoi, Vietnam, after 3-day event.

Along with Mr. Yong-Chon HYON, Chair of ANTC Seminar, Dr. Nguyen Huu Bang, Chairman of Board and General Director of Vietnam Railways, Mr. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of UIC, Mr. Gerard Dalton, Asian Regional Coordinator of UIC, Mr. Harald Storstrom, the President of ENRTC and about 30 participants from member countries attended this seminar.

Dr. Nguyen Huu Bang, in his welcoming speech on 11th November, expressed his efforts to take an initiative for the collaboration in Asian region actively and Mr. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux encouraged Asian Railways to make a closer collaboration and mentioned UIC’s full support to it.

And other VIPs also celebrated this seminar giving an address to participants.
Mr. Gerard Dalton stressed that human contribution through cooperative training is of great importance for a modern railway environment. And Mr. Harald Storstrom agreed that Europe-Asian collaboration should be made and promoted to exchange the training course between two centers.

During the 2nd session chaired by Mr. Dalton, speakers in charge of training of each country have made presentations with great fervor on sub-theme, “Expansion of International Cooperation through Training Program”.

Especially, during the 3rd session chaired by Ms. Han Nhu QUYNH, Director of International Relation Department of Vietnam Railways and Vice-Chairwoman of ANTC, as a trainee experienced the course of IRaTCA in 2008 expressed his view on IRaTCA Training program vividly, IRaTCA has been proved as a high-quality institute by well-organized programs such as team project, country by country report, technical visits, cultural exchange and so on. Through this session, IRaTCA’s reputation as a standardized training institute of railway industry was reaffirmed as well.

Meanwhile, at the seminar, participants from ANTC member countries have discussed regarding
- the constitution of the new executive body
- the decision on the venue of 3rd ANTC seminar
- the exchange of training course with ENRTC.

Present executive body is expected to maintain until ANTC is stabilized and MoU between ANTC and ENRTC to build the continental exchange will be signed before early December. The venue of 3rd ANTC is undecided and ANTC’s executive body will notify the relevant members where it would be held later.

Mr. Yong-Chon HYON, the chair of ANTC, closed the seminar stressing on strong cooperation among not only ANTC member countries but also European railway industries : “Collaboration among Asian railways is believed to be more and more strengthened. People are drawing their attention to the railway as new engine of green growth. This favorable and opportune trend will bring about significant chance for Asian railways to stand out in the center of world if we can converge into concentrated and reinforced collaboration. I have unswerving confidence that in the near future, Asian railways will keep abreast with European railway by learning new eco-friendly technology from UIC and by exploring a tied-up cooperation with European railway, one of the most advanced railway industries”.

The ANTC Seminar was approved to establish in the 2nd UIC Asia Regional Assembly in Paris and the 1st ANTC Seminar took place in Ui-wang, Korea, in May, 2008.

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At the opening ceremony of 2nd ANTC seminar on 11 November
During the 2nd session, the speaker Mr. Mukul Saran Mathur, making a presentation on “Effective Networking Railway Training Centers”