Thursday 3 December 2009
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Infrastructure. “Opportunities and barriers for Eco-Procurement Guidelines for Infrastructure Managers” Workshop (Paris, 26 January 2010)

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UIC organises the 2nd InfraGuidER Workshop “Opportunities and barriers for Eco-Procurement Guidelines in Railway Infrastructures” for Infrastructure Managers to explore opportunities and barriers for Eco-Procurement Guidelines in Railway. The workshop will give an overview about the state of the art of the different sustainability aspects being tackled to be eventually finalised in harmonized environmental specifications.

Intermediate results will be presented and discussed, including among others an inventory of materials in use, a collection of existing tools linked to life cycle considerations and aspects requiring environmental indicators. There are many issues associated with environmentally friendly procurement of railway infrastructures, such as:

• How to formulate environmental requirements on materials, equipments and services?

• Which are the environmental aspects to be considered?

• How to get the suppliers more involved?

• How to evaluate the eco-performances of Infrastructure Managers?

InfraGuidER addresses these issues, and intends to deliver a mature proposal for the UIC harmonized guidelines for eco-procurement of railway infrastructure materials. They will integrate the existing UIC Leaflet 345, “Environmental specification for new rolling stock”.

InfraGuidER’s team is looking forward to welcoming human resources from Infrastructure Managers dealing with:

* Sustainable procurement

* Environmental aspects of infrastructure materials

* Environmental management

to discuss the current state of the guidelines and give feedback for further development after the workshop to be in line with the IMs needs.

For more information please contact Paolo Contestabile:

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