Wednesday 20 January 2010
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Future European driver’s desk: Final Conference (Paris, 27 January)

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EUDDplus is a European project following on from MODTRAIN, and in particular its sub-project EUCAB that carried out driver desk simulation tests at SIMUFER, the SNCF test centre in Lille, France. The test results of EUCAB were incorporated into the new project EUDDplus.
The aim was to develop more precise specifications for a future standardised driver’s desk, once more involving drivers but now in field tests under “real life” conditions.

UIC was an important contributor to the preparation of the study and the tests performed on a locomotive equipped with a driver’s desk as compliant as far as possible with the latest requirements. The participants in the project, coordinated by FAV (Berlin), were railway operators (UIC members ÖBB, CZ and MAV), manufacturers (UNIFE members Alstom, Bombardier and Siemens), as well as universities and research centres.

The results will be presented during the Final Conference to be held at UIC HQ in Paris on 27th January 2010. During the conference, participants will have the opportunity to test the proposed future European driver’s desk during a demonstration of a life-size simulator at UIC Headquarters.

The conference is open not only to driver managers but also to manufacturers and operators with a particular interest in these results, which represent a significant development in the harmonisation and design of the driver’s desk.

The standardisation of the driver’s desk currently in progress will incorporate the results of EUDDplus.

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