Tuesday 9 February 2010
World Congress on High Speed

Delegation from Chinese Railways attends UIC HIGHSPEED 2010 preparatory meetings in Paris - Memorandum signed between Chinese Ministry of Railways and UIC Director General

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Following the 2008 edition successfully held in Amsterdam in March 2008, UIC HIGHSPEED 2010 – the 7th edition of the World Congress on High-Speed Rail – will be held in Beijing, at the invitation of the Ministry of Railways (MoR) of China, from 7-9 December 2010. This major railway event – the most important in the world entirely dedicated to high-speed rail issues – is currently being prepared in close cooperation between the Chinese Ministry of Railways (MoR), Chinese Railways (CR) and China Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS), together with UIC and its member railways with experience in high-speed rail development and operations.

The Beijing 2010 UIC HIGHSPEED world congress targets a large number of participants from across the world with responsibilities in the development of high performance rail transport systems as decision-makers, industry suppliers, researchers and operators, representatives of international organisations or professional organisations.

The objective is to promote the development of high-speed rail systems across the world. This event will act as a unique opportunity to bring together the major players in high-speed rail from around the globe and in addition serve as a showcase for China’s high-speed rail development.

The Beijing 2010 HIGHSPEED congress to be held at the CNCC (China National Convention Centre) under the main theme “High Speed Rail Shouldering Green Transport” will offer participants:

- A series of plenary sessions and round tables, parallel sessions on specific issues related to high-speed rail
- A professional exhibition open to railways and their suppliers, service providers and institutions
- A choice of technical visits
- Specific contributions from students, etc.

Two preparatory meetings were held on 3 and 4 February at UIC Headquarters in Paris:
- The Scientific Committee chaired by Michel Leboeuf, Director for Development, SNCF Passenger Branch (Voyages France Europe), with the support of UIC Passenger/High Speed Director Ignacio Barron de Angoiti and participation of CR, CARS, ADIF, RENFE and FFE from Spain, CNTK from Poland, DB from Germany and FS from Italy (the Scientific Committee is in charge of defining the congress themes and sub-themes, the overall programme of plenary sessions, round tables, parallel sessions, and selecting speakers)
- The Organizing Committee chaired by Ignacio Barron, UIC Passenger/High Speed Director, in charge of monitoring the overall congress organisation (including budgetary aspects)

The seven-member delegation of the Chinese Ministry of Railways (MoR), Chinese Railways (CR) and China Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS) at both the Scientific and Organizing Committees was led by Mr. Li Zhou, Deputy Director General of the Science and Technology Department at the Chinese Ministry of Railways (MoR).

The delegation from China and UIC agreed on the main strategy proposed for the congress and the sharing of responsibilities between the two organisations.

A Memorandum of Understanding signed between MoR and UIC

Following the two meetings, the head of the Chinese delegation Mr. Li Zhou, Deputy Director General of the Science and Technology Department at the Ministry of Railways, and Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, signed the Memorandum of Understanding which establishes the cooperation framework for the organisation of this world congress in Beijing.

UIC and the MoR of China are both committed to making UIC HIGHSPEED 2010 a leading event and an international success, serving to promote rail transport on all continents.

The UIC Executive Board and General Assembly are scheduled to be held on 6th December in Beijing in connection with the Beijing 2010 HIGHSPEED congress.

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