Tuesday 30 March 2010
Forthcoming events

11th Global Level Crossings Symposium (Tokyo, 26-29 October 2010)

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UIC is pleased to inform you that the official website for the 11th Global Level Crossing Symposium to be held from 26th to 29th October 2010 in Tokyo, organised and hosted by E-JR has been published.

Please register online on www.level-crossing.org

The Global Level Crossing Symposium (GLX) is a forum that brings together safety professionals from around the globe in order to exchange information and provide experiences and lessons for improving the way in which the interface between the road and rail systems is managed at level crossings
The first GLX was held in 1990 as a result of an initiative of the US and now GLX is a biennial event held each even-numbered year. The previous event, GLX 2008 was held in Paris and attracted about 170 delegates from 5 continents. Participants of the symposium have been from the road sector, the rail sector, police and law enforcement agencies and government agencies.

One of the most important themes, preventing accidents at level-crossings, is considered as coming from cooperation between the rail and road sectors, road administration agencies and users of the level-crossing. Accordingly, the theme of the 11th GLX Symposium will be ‘Towards further improvement of level crossing safety - Coordinated Approach and Individual Efforts’.

To submit your abstract or register please note the following information:

• 30th April 2010: Deadline of the submission of the abstract of papers
• 30th June 2010: Confirmation of accepted abstracts
• 31st August 2010: Deadline for conference registration
• 30th September 2010: Deadline of the submission of the full papers

• Secretariat: Level Crossing 2010 www.level-crossing.org
(For abstracts) Mr. Koichiro Suzuki (UIC)
Tel: +32-2-213-0828
E-mail: suzuki@uic.org
(For further information on the symposium)
Mr. Koei Gemba
International Department, East Japan Railway Company
Tel: +81-3-5334-1150 Fax: +81-3-5334-1110
E-mail: k-genba@jreast.co.jp

• Or Isabelle Fonverne at UIC HQ in Paris: fonverne@uic.org

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