Information published on 23 March 2010 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 179.

South Korea: Launch of Full Commercial Operation of New Korean High Speed Train, KTX-SANCHEON

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mid great expectations for years, KORAIL has launched its full commercial operation of KTX-Sancheon, new brand name of KTX-II, from 02 March 2010.

“Today is one of historic milestones for Korean railways, who have always dreamed of global railway renaissance, to provide better transportation services. I strongly believe that the new high speed train developed by Korean local technology will certainly contribute to the achievement of sustainable development and competitiveness of railways” said Mr. HUH, Joon-Young, CEO of KORAIL.

13 new train sets will enter into services by the end of this year to replace the existing KTX-I trains in Kyeongbu Line (Seoul - Busan), and also provide new services in Honam Line (Daejeon – Mokpo).