Tuesday 30 March 2010
International Cooperation

Memorandum of cooperation between OSJD and UIC for 2010-2015

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As part of active efforts to place UIC at the core of developments on the international railway scene, a number of international agreements have recently been concluded. These include partnerships with the World Bank, the United Nations, the Brazilian National Land Transport Agency, the African Union Transport Commission, and the American Public Transport Association (APTA), to name but a few.

Given the importance of the rail projects and prospects to the East, where it could be said that developments are just beginning, it now seems essential to resume relations with an association that comprises 27 rail networks stretching from the Urals to the East China Sea. It was with this in mind that Jean-Pierre Loubinoux participated in a working meeting in Warsaw alongside the senior decision-making bodies of the OSJD and Mr Tadeusz Szozda, Chairman of the OSJD Committee.

The OSJD, through various technical committees, studies administrative and technical topics and projects for its members, some of whom also have UIC membership. Renewing the agreement between UIC and OSJD will enable in a first phase continuation of these joint studies, mutual participation in working groups or joint conferences, and this initiative has been particularly well received by the OSJD teams.

This move will help consolidate UIC’s standing thanks to its credentials and its experience on the international railway scene, as well as it being a source of satisfaction to witness to what extent UIC is respected and esteemed.

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The Memorandum of cooperation between OSJD and UIC for 2010-2015 is signed by Tadeusz Szozda, Chairman of the OSJD Committee, and Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General