Tuesday 13 April 2010

Istanbul Railway Security Congress: En route for a successful event !

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The 6th UIC World Security Congress to be held in Istanbul from 21 – 23 April 2010 will be an opportunity for rail security players and their partners to exchange a broad range of opinions with a view to strengthening current security policies, the need for which has been evidenced by current affairs in various countries.

The congress will open its doors to over 120 participants from 30 countries of the various UIC regions.

The Turkish authorities and the UIC Director-General will conduct the opening ceremony, which will once more feature a sharing of experience from around the world, presentations from institutional partners such as OSCE, UNECE and the European Commission, etc. and a report on the work undertaken by the UIC Security Platform to make security a key component of railway activity by presenting the issues relating to human factors, technological research and strategy.

Following a closer look at various features of the protection of railway activity, major topics will be explored such as the interfaces between security and safety or more specifically, the characteristic issues regarding security in high speed rail.

Finally the congress will serve to define the workstreams to be developed in the coming months and future steps to be taken beyond the meetings already scheduled such as the “Security challenges and high speed development” seminar, which will take place in India in late October 2010.

For full details between now and the event, please contact: security2010@uic.org

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