Tuesday 13 April 2010
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Switzerland / Security: Preventing accidents and vandalism: SBB marks the occasion of its 100 000th pupil on board its school-train

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Safety is SBB’s top priority. In 2003, the company launched its “Fair-play is safe” prevention campaign. The aim is to ensure effective prevention of accidents, vandalism and fare-dodging among 11 – 16 year-olds.

The campaign stems from intensive awareness-raising work on board the SBB school-train and from teaching materials supplied to schools.

Between 2003 and 2010, some 5000 classes will have been to a talk on board the SBB school-train in 77 stations throughout Switzerland. While stationed in Geneva, the train welcomed on board its 100 000th pupil on 29 March this year. Following the visit, the lucky winner and classmates were presented with a travel voucher by Andreas Meyer, SBB’s Chief Executive and Ulrich Jotterand, Head of Lower Secondary School at Montbrillant.

The four carriages of the SBB school-train are set up as a travelling exhibition.

A broad range of themes relating to safety are explored during the visit: from the dangers of being too near the tracks to vandalism, fare-dodging, assaults or even the accumulation of litter. These messages on prevention encourage young people to adopt a more responsible attitude, thus improving their knowledge of railway safety.

The SBB school-train has also been exported: in 2009 an eight-week tour was organised in Germany for Deutsche Bahn.

Further information on the SBB school-train as well as a photo gallery are available on www.cff.ch/ecoles.

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