Tuesday 4 May 2010
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Republic of Korea: National Rail Safety & Level Crossing Awareness Campaign of KORAIL

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As one of the railway safety enhancement initiatives of KORAIL, a “National Rail Safety & Level Crossing Awareness Campaign” took place at nearly 400 key rail sites including level crossings of South Korean railways on 9th April.

The main purpose of the campaign was to enhance the public awareness on the importance of rail safety especially at rail level crossings, and nearly 4,000 volunteers from the Railway industry, NGOs and the National Police Agency also joined the campaign to disseminate the safety messages to the public.

Mr. KIM, Kyun-sung, Head Officer of KORAIL Transport & Safety Office, has emphasized the importance of public awareness on the rail safety enhancement at level crossings. He has also expressed his wishes for the success of the initiative of UIC and the European Commission on the ILCAD (International Level Crossing Awareness Day) which will take place on 22nd June.

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