Wednesday 12 May 2010
High Speed Rail

7th Training Session on High Speed Systems (Paris, 28 June-2 July)

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The 7th Training Session on High Speed Systems will take place from 28 June to 2 July 2010.

This session will provide participants with a comprehensive and broad overview of all aspects of high speed rail. Speakers are specialists in high speed from all railways which benefit from a high speed system: Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and Korea, etc., guaranteeing the quality of this session and giving participants an insight into this specialised transport mode.

As high speed rail is a very complex and unique field which must be considered globally, the UIC has put together a very extensive programme for the training session for those who want to improve their knowledge of high speed systems. It also provides decision makers with a great opportunity to get to know all aspects of the sector before making key policy decisions.

The optional technical visit offered to participants provides a very good case study. For 2010 a visit to the AVE, Madrid is planned. Thanks to Adif and Renfe, participants will be able to visit the extension of Atocha station and, in Chamartin station, the third tunnel for high speed between the two stations. A visit to the CRC – Control Central Centre - is also on offer as well as to see the Madrid-Segovia line including the 28 km tunnel. It will also be possible to visit the driver’s cab.

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