Wednesday 12 May 2010
Rail Freight

Interunit joint committee (Budapest, 29 April)

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UIRR combined transport operators and UIC railway undertakings meet regularly in the context of Interunit, their joint platform.

As part of this cooperation the Interunit joint committee met in Budapest on 29 April. Railway undertakings and operators notably discussed the repercussions of the economic crisis on the development of combined transport and, looking to the future, considered changes in combined transport operations to prepare the sector for the challenges which would follow the crisis. The recovery in combined transport has proven stronger and quicker than expected and certain traffic segments on several axes are once again demonstrating high growth, some of which is double-digit.

Combined transport’s growth potential, as described by DIOMIS 1 and 2, is manifesting itself and operators and RUs are working harder than ever to intensify cooperation between combined transport business players at an institutional, bi- and multilateral level.

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