Information published on 24 May 2010 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 186.

Relaunching IRRB activities

Invitation to the IRRB meeting on 5 July

  • Research

As part of plans to re-organise IRRB (International Railway Research Board), UIC and East Japan Railway Company (EJR) have scheduled a general meeting to re-work activities for the afternoon of 5 July in St Petersburg, Russia, where the Global Rail Freight Conference (GRFC) will be held.

It is crucial to meet the needs of members who cannot participate in all UIC activities. Thus, IRRB is the only organisation designed to encompass all UIC members throughout the world. IRRB will be reorganised as the platform described in the new UIC statutes (it will be approved at the General Assembly in December 2010).

At the meeting on 5 July, IRRB members will discuss the decision to establish IRRB’s new organisational status as a platform, the decision on how to launch new WGs within IRRB, the approval of the new IRRB charter, a chairman and vice-chairman. They will then give presentations on their latest R&D activities, covering a wide variety of subjects and issues.
The deadline for registering for the meeting is 7 June due to visa requirements to enter Saint Petersburg, Russia.

For further information at UIC please contact Koichiro Suzuki: