Monday 24 May 2010
High Speed Rail

UIC HIGH SPEED Brochure translated into Farsi and Chinese

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The brochure “High speed: Fast track to sustainable mobility” is published in English every two years, in coincidence with the World Congress on High Speed.

The aims of this document is to communicate about high speed, main characteristics, facts and figures, advantages to Society, etc., as well as to report on the development around the world.

The last edition, printed in 2008 at the occasion of the Amsterdam Congress, and updated and reprinted in early 2009, has reached a very large success and it has been translated to the Chinese just few weeks after its first appearance in Amsterdam.

Most recently, it has also been translated into Farsi, demonstrating that this document has become a world reference.

All the 3 editions can be downloaded from the UIC website:

The UIC-High Speed team already is currently working for the next edition, planned to be launched in December 2010, at the occasion of the World Congress on High Speed that will be held in Beijing.

Any proposal and comment will be welcomed:

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