Wednesday 16 June 2010

International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) campaign to be held on 22nd June

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UIC, coordinator of the International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) campaign, is happy to announce that this will take place on 22nd June with the participation of some 40 countries.

ILCAD focuses on educational measures and the promotion of safe behaviour at and around level crossings, an area of rail operation that presents one of the significant risk profiles.

The campaign is organised jointly with the European Commission and many stakeholders from the road and rail sectors around the world.

A video clip financed by the European Commission is available in English and may also be adapted for use in your own language. The clip is freely available for use by all partners of the campaign to upload onto websites. It can also be shown on screens in train stations, on television or in public areas such as cinemas etc. (Please note that outside Europe the use of this in public areas may require a performance rights charge).

A press release in several languages is also available to help you organise your own press conferences locally, nationally, or on an international level.

An international press conference will be held in Brussels at the invitation of the European Commission on the 22nd and involve key stakeholders such as the United Nations.

The official logo in English with the motto “Act safely at level crossings” can also be obtained in different languages by sending a request to the organising office in Paris.

In addition to the video financed by the EC and the press release, all partners around the world will participate in a series of well-coordinated communications initiatives, using varied and local materials to make the public (mainly road users and pedestrians) aware of the dangers of misbehaviour at or around level crossings:
Flyers, brochures and leaflets handed out at and around level crossings, in schools, driving schools, scout and guide clubs etc., information given and/or law enforcement by police at level crossings, posters displayed in railway stations, trains and other central areas, special messages broadcast on the radio and television, and press conferences organised with national and local press.

If you wish to join the campaign it is not too late but do hurry!

For further information on the programme of events planned under the motto of ILCAD, “Act safely at level crossings”, please contact Isabelle Fonverne:
ILCAD project coordinator and visit the dedicated website:

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