Information published on 15 June 2010 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 189.

UIC and UNIFE publish the CAB Technical Recommendation (TecRec) on the Driver Machine Interfaces in the scope of TSI High Speed and Conventional Rail

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UIC and UNIFE announce the publication of the CAB TecRec (Technical Recommendation): “Technical Recommendation on the Driver Machine Interfaces in the scope of TSI High Speed and Conventional Rail”.
The objective of the driver’s cab requirements described in these technical recommendations is to ensure the unrestricted, safe and efficient operation of rolling stock on the entire European railway network as far as driver-machine-interfaces and cab issues are concerned. These technical recommendations are derived from operation, ergonomic aspects and safety. They provide a framework for designing cab-functions and driver-machine-interfaces allocated to the intended operating purpose of the rolling stock. They are meant to comply with the constraints of the whole Trans-European network in terms of driver-related interfaces to rolling stock.

This TecRec:

  • Defines the operating elements on EMU/DMU, locomotives and driver’s cabs of driving coaches, whether high speed or conventional
  • Describes some basic functional and system requirements associated with harmonised Driver-Machine-Interfaces for EMU/DMU, locomotives and related driver’s cabs of driving coaches, whether high speed or conventional. It is assumed that all functions relevant for cab-equipped rolling stock may be managed with these interfaces

More than 15 years of European Research studies have demonstrated that a standardised desk configuration is a key issue for all European drivers independent of the specific type of rolling stock. The rolling stock specific deviations should therefore be limited to a minimum. A set of commonly shared conclusions and design principles have been provided by recent projects (e. g. EUCAB & EUDDplus) and they have been considered in the course of the drafting of the UIC /UNIFE TecRec standards. The content of this UIC/UNIFE document has been prepared as a result of the outcomes of the EU funded project Modtrain/Modlink/EUCAB and EUDDplus.
The project partners involved were:

  • In Modtrain/Modlink/EUCAB: Alstom Transport, AnsaldoBreda, Bombardier Transportation, Deuta Werke, Forschungs - und Anwendungsverbund Verkehrssystemtechnik (FAV), FPC -UPC, IAS, IST Lisboa, KMT Group OY, Lumikko, SIEMENS Transport Systems, TU Berlin, International Union of Railways (UIC), Union of European Railway Industries (UNIFE)
  • In EUDDPlus: ALSTOM Transport S.A., AustriaTech – Gesellschaft des Bundes für technologiepolitische Maßnahmen GmbH, Bombardier Transportation GmbH, Deuta Werke GmbH, EAO Lumitas GmbH, Forschungs - und Anwendungsverbund Verkehrssystemtechnik (FAV), Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, IAS Institut für Arbeits- und Sozialhygiene Stiftung, MAV-GÈPÉSZET Zrt, Ceske drahy a.s., ÖBB Traktion GmbH, Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, SKODA TRANSPORTATION s.r.o., Technische Universität Wien/Vienna University of Technology, International Union of Railways (UIC), Union of European Railway Industries (UNIFE), W. Gessmann GmbH

They have put forward the deliverable from:

  • “Modtrain/Modlink/EUCAB”: EUCAB: Report on functional test results (L6.6), Project nb. FP6 -PLT-506652 / TIP3-CT-2003-506652, Priority 6.3 - Transport, EU 6th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development
  • “EUDDplus”: final report (2010), Project No: 031555 – EUDDplus - “European Driver’s Desk advanced concept implementation - contribution to foster interoperability”, Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Project, Priority 6.2 - Sustainable Surface Transport, EU 6th Framework Programme

The TecRec Cab has been approved within UIC by the Rail System Forum and by the UNIFE Technical Committee. TecRecs are presented in the same format as that used for the European Standards (EN) so as to facilitate a future transfer to the CEN or CENELEC and publication as an EN.

The TecRec will be available on the UNIFE and UIC websites as well as at for immediate use.