Tuesday 27 July 2010
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Thalys: One-off eBay auction to be launched from 25 August

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Following the refurbishment of its entire fleet starting in early 2008, Thalys intends to give train buffs, collectors of rare objects, travel enthusiasts, or indeed anyone else the opportunity to purchase some of the original fittings which have made the service a success story since 1996.

Thalys will be putting 120 items up for auction on a dedicated eBay store including: 10 Comfort 2 seats, 10 single Comfort 1 seats, 20 Cobra table lamps, 10 Comfort 1 tables with lamps, 20 dustbins and 50 Comfort 1 headrests.

Between 25 August and 18 September, Internet users can bid on www.thalys.com/renovation to get their hands on one of these collectors’ items. The floor price for each item is 1 euro with all proceeds going to UNICEF.

The Belgian artist Sozyone, who tagged a Thalys coach with graffiti to mark the launch of high speed services to Amsterdam and Cologne, has signed a limited series of three numbered seats, which thus become rarities and contemporary artworks in one. These one-of-a-kind seats will be put up for auction on eBay along with the other fittings

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