Monday 26 July 2010
High Speed Rail

Organisation of the UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail to be held in Beijing from 7 – 9 December 2010

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The UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail to be held in Beijing from 7 – 9 December 2010 is being organised in close cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS), Ministry of Railways (MOR) and the International Union of Railways (UIC), with the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences handling all logistical aspects.

The event, which is being held outside Europe for the first time, is expected to attract several thousand participants from around the world.
For the past 8 months, the Scientific and Organisation Committees comprising representatives from UIC, MOR and CARS have been meeting to prepare the development and content of the event. They have been assisted by UIC National Delegates representing China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The next meetings are scheduled for September, October and November.

The theme of the congress is “High Speed Rail Spearheading Greener Transport”.
Aside from the opening and closing ceremonies, two round tables will be held on High Speed Rail towards the Future and High Speed Rail Innovations.
Several parallel sessions will be organised on many different aspects of High Speed Rail: Socio-economic Development, Resource-Saving, Network Planning, Operation and Management, Innovation in Rolling Stock and Innovation in Fixed Equipment, etc.

All information concerning general organisation, registration and call for papers can be found on the event’s dedicated website:

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The China National Congress Center (CNCC) in Beijing where UIC HIGHSPEED will take place in next December