Information published on 3 August 2010 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 198.

High-ranking officials from Mongolia see KORAIL setting a benchmark with IRaTCA

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IRaTCA (International Railway Training Center for UIC Asia) provided a course for 13 trainees from Mongolia on “Railway Management & Operation in Mongolia,” from 29 June to 16 July 2010.

This course was opened at the request of the government of Mongolia who saw KORAIL as a benchmark and whose president, Mr. Huh, Joon-Young, is also Chairman of the UIC Regional Assembly for Asia.

Mr. Hyon, Yong Chon in charge of the course said: “In 2010, we opened these courses targeted at single countries in order to meet trainees’ country-specific on popular demand from UIC Asian members. This is the case of the Mongolian course.”

Mr. Sim, Hyeog-Yun (Vice President of KORAIL) and Mr. Purevbaatar Luvsandavag (Vice Chairman of the Mongolian Railway Authority) joined the closing ceremony celebrations.

Mr. Sim congratulated the Mongolian officials on their successful completion of the IRaTCA course. He also stressed that KORAIL will play its role in building a closer Asian network, which serves as a base for development in Asia as a whole as well as for both their countries.

Mr. Purevbaatar Luvsandavag, in response to Mr. Sim’s speech, expressed his gratitude to KORAIL’s efforts in making IRaTCA for a benchmark for UIC members in bridging technology gaps between Asian countries to foster railway development in the region.

IRaTCA is helping to achieve practical Asian cooperation, in line with UIC’s mission and vision.

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