Tuesday 14 September 2010
Nr 200 of UIC e-News

Long live UIC e-News: the newsletter dedicated to its 200 members and 2000 readers hits its 200th issue!

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UIC is pleased to send you herewith the 200th issue of its in-house electronic newsletter UIC e-News, released each week – and sometimes more frequently at busier periods in the railway calendar – to over 2000 contacts across the world including rail company and business unit leaders and institutional partners.

I can but delight in the ongoing development of this efficient, fast and cost-effective source of information and its ever-expanding readership.

Though not totally comprehensive given the broad range of activities carried out or coordinated by UIC, the UIC e-News electronic newsletter helps turn the spotlight on the main areas of cooperation, project progress and the results achieved, not to mention the staff who are lifeblood of the association. Over 1500 articles have been released to date on one or another of these aspects.

For our members the newsletter is also a means for them to communicate their most important achievements to the international railway community as a whole.

Each and every one of the team at UIC tasked with producing this newsletter, in close collaboration with the technical experts, joins me in thanking you for your loyalty, and we hope you enjoy reading this 200th issue.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General

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