Tuesday 5 October 2010
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Brazil: US$112.9 Million from the World Bank for São Paulo’s Urban Trains

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The World Bank approved end of September an US$112.91 million additional financing for Brazil’s State of São Paulo, in support of the Trains and Signaling Project for the urban rails and subway network of the capital city’s Metropolitan Region. The new funding will be used to purchase at least nine new trains, as well as the needed complementary equipment, to increase passenger capacity and comfort in the city’s Line 11. The project also includes financing for studies aimed at developing a strategy to reduce the system’s climate footprint.

The project will benefit the entire population of the Metropolitan Region, especially the low income citizens – the main users of public transportation – and increase the efficiency and competitiveness of Brazil’s biggest city. It is also expected to have positive impacts in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and traffic jams, due to the transfer of passengers from other transportation systems to rail. Studies financed by the project will measure these impacts.

(Source: World Bank)

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