Information published on 19 October 2010 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 206.

CREAM is reaching the Home Stretch

  • Freight

The CREAM project, initiated by important stakeholders of the railway business and set up to respond to the increasing demand for rail-based logistic systems, is reaching the home stretch. For three years the work has involved investigating and validating solutions ranging from Innovative telematic solutions to new rail services. The partners will now deliver a comprehensive catalogue of technical and operational recommendations at the CREAM Final Conference in Brussels on 4th November, 2010.

The conference will offer the opportunity of an exclusive one day insight view into this collaborative rail freight research project, summarising the results and achievements on rail freight logistics on the corridor from Western Europe through South East Europe to Mid-East. The latest developments and good practice on this important European rail and freight axis will be presented as well as the most promising new technologies and advanced business and operating models.

The conference will conclude with a reflection on the day’s outcomes and consider which developments are likely to occur in the R&D field in the coming years.

Do not miss this important freight event and take the opportunity to register under the wire.

Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium (Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België (KVAB))
Hertogstraat 1 (Flemish)/ 1 Rue Ducale (French)
1000 Brussel

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