Information published on 26 October 2010 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 207.

Strong stakeholder support to the UIC Declaration and Reporting Guideline for Sustainable Mobility & Transport

  • Sustainability

On the 14th & 15th October 2010, UIC in cooperation with DB AG, organised the 1st External Stakeholder Workshop on the UIC Declaration and Reporting Guideline for Sustainable Mobility & Transport in Potsdam in Germany. The objective of the workshop was to discuss the two UIC documents with key external stakeholders and to raise awareness and acknowledgement of the sustainable advantages of rail and its important role in future transport systems. Further on, the focus of the two days was to explore potential areas for cooperation, partnerships and multi-stakeholder approaches which can create an environment more favourable to sustainable transport solutions.

The UIC Declaration and Reporting Guideline for Sustainable Mobility & Transport were well received among the leading experts from international organisations such as United Nations and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), transport research institutes and universities. The systematic approach behind the documents were warmly welcomed and applauded. In addition the following functions were highlighted: a tool for internal awareness raising and continuous improvements within the rail sector, a concrete tool for promoting rail’s contribution to sustainable transport systems and a door opener for cooperation and partnerships.

The workshop provided concrete feedback to the content, as well as discussions on potential cooperation and partnerships on key issues such as sustainable transport innovation, multimodal transport chains, green economy, green jobs, corporate governance and communication. One main feedback from the participants was that the rail sector has to strengthen its promotion and lobbying towards key international institutions and towards their national governments. The expert stated that the UIC’s and UIC members’ dedication to improve the sustainability performance of the sector and all the ongoing activities to be highly useful and inspiring for further cooperation. Several concrete proposals for cooperation came up and are to be further developed.

The workshop was conducted in an informal atmosphere with highly active participants, whom also expressed their appreciation to the creation of this network. The next step is to finalise the UIC Reporting Guideline for Sustainable Mobility & Transport.