Tuesday 7 December 2010
International cooperation

NATO: UIC invited to participate in the meeting of the ad hoc working group of Transport Experts

(Riga, Latvia, 30 November and 1 December 2010)

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The aim of this meeting is to prepare proposals to submit to the NATO Transport Group on the necessary action to be taken to make NATO Rail Technical Standards compatible with the 1520 mm gauge. As the main railway undertakers carrying NATO cargo and operating on a 1520 mm gauge, the Baltic States are keenest for the project to be a success.

Taking into account UIC’s profile and its relations with many international institutions, UIC was considered to have the relevant competence as an organisation to assist NATO and to coordinate such actions. The need to identify and evaluate the risks and bottlenecks for transport on Euro-Asian corridors was also mentioned.

For more information please contact Vincent Vu: vu@uic.org

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